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Unlocking Sustainability: CEO Reimond Olthof to Speak at Dechema

We’re thrilled to announce that our CEO, Reimond Olthof, will be taking the stage at the prestigious Dechema – Industrietage Wassertechnik 2023 on the 15th of November in Frankfurt am Main. This presents a unique opportunity to delve into the forefront of water technology and sustainability.


Desalination of brines for circular economy and ZLD

Reimond’s presentation will revolve around a pivotal and timely topic—the desalination of brines. Why is this significant? It’s a forward-looking contribution that aligns seamlessly with the principles of circular economy, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), and sustainable production. In an era where resource scarcity is a pressing concern, circular economy principles aim to minimize waste and make the most of available resources. By desalinating brines for valuable material reuse, we’re not only addressing environmental challenges but actively contributing to a more sustainable and circular approach to resource management.


Zero liquid discharge –  a crucial sustainability goal

ZLD is more than just a wastewater management strategy—it’s a commitment to sustainability. Reimond will elaborate on how the desalination of brines plays a key role in achieving ZLD objectives. By minimizing liquid waste discharge, industries can significantly reduce their environmental footprint and move towards more responsible water usage. The desalination of brines isn’t just a technological process; it’s a cornerstone of sustainable production. Reimond will explore how this innovative approach contributes to cleaner, greener, and more efficient production methods. As industries worldwide seek ways to align with sustainable practices, this presentation offers valuable insights.


Join Us at Dechema – Industrietage Wassertechnik 2023

This isn’t just a presentation; it’s a conversation that could shape the future of water technology and sustainability. Join us at Dechema – Industrietage Wassertechnik 2023 and be part of a dialogue that seeks to redefine the way we approach water management, circular economy, and sustainable production. Mark your calendars for the 15th of November. We look forward to engaging with industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts who share our commitment to a more sustainable and water-resilient future. Together, let’s unlock the potential for a greener and more sustainable world.

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