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The Dyvar®-360 is Ready to go!

All of the Dyvar-360 components are ready for shipment and are sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. These components are on their way to an American lithium production facility where they will be incorporated into the steel structure by our esteemed client.

As a best-in-class ESG manufacturer, our client is committed to reducing its water footprint and producing fresh water while recovering valuable lithium. That’s where the Dyvar-360 comes in. With its concentration and crystallization technology, it will help our customer achieve its goals in a more sustainable and efficient manner.

This isn’t the first time our client has worked with Salttech. In fact, they are already operating a containerized Dyvar-60 unit at one of their other lithium production facilities, successfully recovering fresh water and lithium. Our Dyvar-360 unit is a natural choice for them.

We’re looking forward to commissioning the Dyvar-360 unit in the fourth quarter of this year. It’s exciting that our technology is helping to produce valuable resources in a more sustainable way.

Please feel free to contact info@salttech.com to learn more about industrial Dyvar® applications in the mining, oil & gas, environmental and food industries.

Salttech Dyvar® 360 ready for shipment to Lithium production facility
Lijnen Dyvar technology line

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