Responsible Brine Processing


Dyvar ZLD

The DyVaR ZLD process combines all of the features and benefits of DyVaR's standard technology and adds solids separation to its already unique features. The integrated SDU (Solids Discharge Unit) equipment is a part of the DyVaR ZLD process facilitating the separation of solid salts from the system.

Features & Benefits

  • Treatment of highly impaired waters of any concentration with minimal pretreatment
  • Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solution treats challenging waters to produce fresh water and highly concentrated brines or solid salt
  • Scaling and fouling insensitive technology
  • Designed for low cost modular field applications with minimal site works based upon standard-size and stackable shipping containers
  • Non-metallic wetted components
  • Fully automated with remote control capabilities
  • "One system fits all design" allowing to run as either a concentrator or solids producer