Responsible Brine Processing



DyVaR is a modular system comprised of small vessels designated "Dynamic Vapor Recovery units" or "DyVaR Units". These devices consist of non-metallic components that are highly modular in design. Any user desired capacity and rate of desalination is possible with DyVaR. Note that individual DyVaR units will treat 50 liters/hour (or 7.5 bbl/day), reaching capacities of up to 10's of m3/hr (or 1,000's of bbl/day).

DyVaR can be designed into highly mobile systems residing within standard-size/stackable shipping containers or they may be designed into standard civil structures designed for fixed central treatment of large volumes of waste water.

Due to its unique and patented 3D Vapor recovery process, the design of DyVaR's concept is highly energy efficient.Dyvar The 3D concept combines tangential forces exceeding 100G with moderate temperature and pressures, thus enabling thorough desalination with very efficient operating statistics.

The DyVaR 3D design concept is optimized to allow for maximum crystallization without scaling or fouling. DyVaR systems are engineered to run 24/7 at their rated capacity. It features: no scaling, no fouling, and no loss of capacity or increase of energy consumption. Most importantly, little to no down time is required for CIP or redundancy.