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Dyvar® technology

Optimizing brine performance, a unique process

Salttech dyvar desalination technology

7 aspects we like to share about
Dyvar® technology 

Dyvar technology graphs 01
Dyvar technology graphs 01
key aspect #1

One step concentration & crystallization technology

The Dyvar® technology starts ideally at a brine inlet concentration of 50.000 ppm TDS or higher. After concentrating and crystallization, it will result in the continuous production of salt crystals, pure condensate (<150mg/L TDS), and eventually a bleed stream in case of high concentrations of organics or secondary salts in the incoming matrix. 

This way our technology is more cost efficient than other common solutions. 

Dyvar technology graphs 01
key aspect #2

Highly customizable

Each salt has its own temperature in order to crystallize. With Dyvar® technology we can exactly determine which salts you want to separate from the incoming salt streams.

Adjust your setup to separate salts from water and maximize the brine’s value. 

key aspect #3


Our technology is perfectly scalable incrementally. Our standard system size starts with 30 cyclones the so called Dyvar® 30 unit and has a condensate production capacity of 36m3/d, but the Dyvar® units are also available with 60, 90, 360, or more cyclones. 

No matter the size of your plant or process, Dyvar® technology is up for the task. 

Dyvar technology graphs 03
Dyvar technology graphs 03
key aspect #4

Plug & play

Our plug & play Dyvar® systems are FAT tested before shipping. This high level of preparation and testing enables rapid installation and startup at the customer’s production site. The Dyvar® technology comes with a complete manual and training for your personnel to fully operate the system themselves.

Our technology will be up & running in no time at your plant. 

Dyvar technology graphs 03
Vrachtwagen vervoert Dyvar Technologie

One solution. Endless possibilities.

The Dyvar® technology is very versatile. It optimizes your brine processing performance, enabling business growth. Currently, we are doing so in these industries worldwide: Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas, Resources, Process & Production, and Environment. We are also interested in tackling challenges in other industries with our Dyvar® technology! 

Want to know more about the potential of our technology in your industry? Get in touch with one of our representatives or check out some of our business cases.

key aspect #5

Corrosion free

The Dyvar® technology always operates at temperatures below 100o C. This allows us to apply Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyesters (GRP) piping material and Dyvar® cyclones. The corrosion free and chemical resistant material enables us to concentrate and crystallize extreme brines with for example high Cl- concentrations and a wide pH range (pH 1-14). 

Save money on maintenance with our corrosion free solution.

Dyvar technology graphs 08
Dyvar technology graphs 08
key aspect #6

Clogging and precipitation

Compared to traditional technologies, Dyvar® technology has separated the evaporation surface and heat exchangers. This means that the expected clogging and precipitation effects on the heat exchanger surfaces are minimized or do not occur at all. The high and dynamic recirculation flow rate reinforces this positive effect, resulting in a nearly clogging and precipitation free system. 

In case precipitation or clogging is foreseen, an automatic Cleaning In Place (CIP) protocol can be installed and programmed in the Dyvar® control system.

Less to non-precipitation or blocking effects in your system.

key aspect #7


By implementing Dyvar® technology in your plant, you improve your environmental impact in several ways: it requires less energy, uses less chemicals, and allows you to reuse water and reuse or sell the recovered salts and minerals. This means that working with our Dyvar® technology will help you achieve your ESG goals. 

Improve your environmental impact by making your processes more sustainable and using less chemicals.

Optimize your brine performance

Interested in improving your brine processing performance with Dyvar® technology?

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Get in touch with one of our regional business account  managers.

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Discover the opportunities and costs based on our Bench Lab Test.

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Improve your brine processing performance radically.