Responsible Brine Processing

Zero Liquid Discharge in Coal Mining Industry achievable with Salttech’s DyVaR Technology.

2019 by Salttech, Sneek, The Netherlands

Together with their South African Business Partner Tecroveer Salttech has conducted a very successful field test at the WWTP of our South African mining client. A highly concentrated RO Reject, the last step of an innovative mining water treatment plant of our client, has been concentrated further and crystalized using Salttech’s DyVaR technology.

The DyVaR Technology proved on site that the RO Reject can be processed further into solid salts and a clean condensate stream which can be used as a reliable source for drinking water production. The planning for a full scale DyVaR installation has been started in the meantime.

With the execution of this field test Salttech proves that the DyVaR Technology is, beside other break through applications of Salttech’s technology, capable to solve these environmental issues for the mining industry.