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Innovative leap in leachate treatment: Salttech & Klarwin® join forces in Romania

We’re excited to announce a powerful partnership between Salttech and Klarwin®, Europe’s leader in fluid filtration and purification engineering. This collaboration is set to transform the landscape of municipal and industrial landfill leachate treatment in Romania.

Tackling the brine challenge head-on

Currently, the treatment of landfill leachate faces a significant hurdle: the brine concentrates in the retentate of Reverse Osmosis. Typically returned to landfills or transported by trucks, this has been a persistent environmental and logistical challenge. Enter our robust, reliable Dyvar® technology – a game-changer in concentrator and crystallizer technology.

Dyvar®: turning waste into resource

Dyvar® is set to revolutionize the way we handle leachate. By treating reverse osmosis leachate concentrate from existing plants, it produces fresh water (<100mg/l TDS) and highly concentrated brine or solids. These can be returned to the landfill, incinerated, or disposed of subterraneous, drastically reducing environmental impact.

Impressive recovery, reduced hauling

With Dyvar®, 70% to 90% of reverse osmosis leachate concentrate is recovered, reducing its volume by 7 to 10 times. This not only represents a significant leap in efficiency but also drastically cuts down on the need for hauling, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Join us on this transformative journey

This partnership marks a pivotal moment in environmental stewardship and innovation. We’re not just treating waste; we’re setting new standards in sustainability and efficiency. Join us as we embark on this journey to reshape the future of leachate treatment in Romania. Together, Salttech and Klarwin® are paving the way towards a more sustainable world.

For more information or to explore how Salttech’s solutions can benefit your operations, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to answer your questions and discuss how our innovative technology can support your sustainability goals. Connect with us to learn more about our groundbreaking solutions and partnerships. Let’s collaborate to create a more sustainable future together.

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