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Dyvar® Technology plays key role in award-winning water and salt reuse solution

The ‘Best Water Management Technology Award’ was given to ARAMCO for their breakthrough project “A Sustainable Produced Water Management Technology for Circular Water Economy.” With huge volumes of water produced along with hydrocarbons in oil and gas fields, a sustainable produced water management solution was developed to recycle and reuse water by transforming its ionic properties. One of the key components of this award winning solution was the application of our Dyvar® (dynamic vapor recovery) technology, combined with a custom-designed pretreatment system developed by NESR.

They received this award recently during the 21st World Oil Awards ceremony. The breakthrough project consists of a unique combination of NESR’s custom-designed pretreatment system that removes residual oil/hydrogen sulfide, which is combined with our Dyvar® to remove salt from hypersaline produced oilfield water. In this way, a ZLD technology has been created that perfectly solves the demand from Aramco.


Circular economy

The use of rejected concentrated salts as well completion fluids has also been demonstrated to formulate drilling fluids and the feasibility of achieving a 100% circular economy with these technologies. This makes the project a win-win: a win for the environment by minimizing wastewater and conserving groundwater, and a win for oil extraction by reusing treated produced water. In this way, fresh water can be reused for reservoir injection and for unconventional fracturing operations.

Please feel free to contact info@salttech.com or info@nesr.com to learn more about our joint produced water recycling solution.

Best Water Management Technology Award
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