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Dyvar®-360 unit in production

Our team at @Salttech is proud to reveal a global mining company has placed a purchase order with us to design and install a skid-based Dyvar®-360 unit. This unit has a freshwater production capacity of 432.000 liters per day.

With its 360 single evaporation cylinders, this Dyvar®-360 unit will contribute to our client’s sustainability target. Their goal is to treat the high saline waste brines. This will result in a reduced freshwater footprint, while also enabling the recovery and reusage of valuable salts as a bonus.

Our units have a highly efficient and robust all-in-one concentration and crystallization performance. This process turns the Dyvar® technology into an interesting ZLD solution, which helps in treating the high saline and organic-loaded waste brines and liquids for all kinds of industrial applications.

Our portfolio contains established applications in such fields as the dairy, mining, and the oil and gas industries. If you are interested in more information, or wish to view our option, please feel free to contact Salttech at info@salttech.com.

Results oil and gas dyvar desalination concentration and crystallization of brine
Lijnen Dyvar technology line

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