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Discover your success with Salttech’s extensive range of pilot tests for a flying start 

In addition to talking about our technology, we know that concentrating and crystallizing our customer’s brine and sharing the test results is the best way to build confidence in our Dyvar® technology.   

Our laboratory-based Bench Scale test, performed on a 1-liter brine sample, provides our clients with the most important information about the behavior of their brine during the Dyvar® process and the expected results of the crystallization.  

The test results of our mobile Dyvar®-1 test unit (equipped with a single evaporator cylinder) are representative on a one-to-one basis with the performances of a client’s future full-scale Dyvar® unit. The composition of the produced condensate (fresh water), the salt crystals and the eventual bleed stream (mother liquor) provide an ideal starting point for valorization opportunities of these produced streams. We can perform the testing in-house or at your facilities if so required. 

For strategic testing we can operate our Dyvar®-30 test unit (equipped with 30 evaporation cylinders). These Dyvar-30 units are finding their way to client groups with multiple production sites or different brine treatment applications to test as in Oil & Gas and in the Mining industries. 

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in concentrating and crystallizing your brine or salty product with our Dyvar® Technology. Please contact us at info@salttech.com

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