Responsible Brine Processing


The Salttech team consists of a group of highly specialized engineers and scientists. There are in-house capabilities for all required forms of engineering including process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering. Salttech produces skid mounted units to a capacity of several m3/hr or 1000 bbl/day. However, the DyVar Technology is very well suited for large scale applications in which case Salttech provides engineering and start-up services as well as the DyVaR core units. Salttech then works collaboratively with well established contracting firms to build large scale DyVar facilities.

Expertise and engineering talent define Salttech employees. Members of the engineering team range in age from their mid-sixties to their mid-twenties, but in all cases entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and engineering talent are the touch stones of our team. Our most senior member "invented" the DyVaR technology, but even our youngest member has already been recognized by the industry as seasoned in the field of brine treatment. Every Salttech employee is an expert in DyVaR technology and its deployment.