Responsible Brine Processing


Salttech is a young, fast-growing and innovative company with its origins in The Netherlands. The company is now active from its office in Sneek and through its USA branch in McKinney Texas. All of our activities are based on proprietary knowledge and patents developed over many years. The DyVaR system is comprehensively designed for effective and responsible brine treatment. The history of DyVaR is described below.

Salttech emerged from the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, where years of research led to the birth of the company. Of course, Salttech continues to be a member of the WaterCampus and has expanded its technology knowledge base within the EU to various other water technology organizations such as the WaterAlliance, one of the most prestigious water oriented associations within the EU.

First "proof of concept" models were demonstrated at the Wetsus facility in Harlingen. Wetsus itself is recognized worldwide as the "centre of excellence for sustainable water technology", and it maintains a reputation as a facilitating intermediary for leading edge technological development and advancement of many water related areas of study.

The DyVaR technology was initially invented by Mr. Geert Jan Zanstra. Mr. Zanstra, now semi-retired, remains a member of the Salttech technical advisory team. His career concentration in water reuse and desalination experimentation established him as a leading experimenter and entrepreneur of large scale evaporative processes such as MVR and cyclonic separation processes. Advancing the state of the art of two technical processes, his ideas emerged in the form of combining both evaporative and cyclonic processes into one system. These advancements allowed for the overcoming of problems inherent in other systems, specifically those of scaling and fouling were eliminated. After a series of successful experiments with prototypes, the first patent was filed which was eventually followed by a series of other patents as the technology evolved. The close collaboration between Zanstra and associated companies led to the formation of Salttech in the autumn of 2010.