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In cooperation with their German client Lactoprot, a process was developed with the aim to recover valuable products from waste streams released after milk processing. With use of the Salttech DyVaR technology, valuable elements are recovered from a waste stream in accordance with the Recycling Management Act (KrWG) in order to close the nutrient cycle.

The DyVaR technology effectively converts a waste stream consisting of phosphoric acid (H3PO4) and several valuable elements into a valuable fertilizer product and fresh water. The German Federal Environment Ministry (Bundesumweltministerium) recently approved the concentrated brine from DyVaR to be used as fertilizer for agricultural applications. After approval the brine was recognized as valuable product which currently generates income instead of being a disposal cost in the past.

Besides the fact that part of the nutrient cycle is closed, the number of trucks transporting the brine has been drastically reduced by 90% and the water can be re-used in the production process, which both contribute towards a more sustainable future.

Salttech is proud to be able to make the dairy industry more sustainable.

Lijnen Dyvar technology line

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