Responsible Brine Processing


Dairy The milk processing industry is one of the world’s major industries, thus the treatment possibilities of dairy effluents have been attracting more and more attention.

With the rapid industrialization observed in the last century and the growing rate of milk production (around 2.8% per annum), dairy processing is usually considered the largest industrial food wastewater source, especially in Europe. The effluents originating from various production technologies are usually not discharged simultaneously, thus forming a stream with wide qualitative and quantitative variations. Notwithstanding the differences in composition, attributable to the manufactured product and technological operations, dairy effluents are distinguished by their relatively increased temperature, high organic content (COD), increased salinity and a wide pH range, which requires special purification in order to eliminate or reduce environmental damage.

Salttech focuses on the treatment of concentrated brines from the dairy industry. Typically these brine streams contain various salts and COD sources. It are those brine streams Salttech’s DyVaR technology can effectively treat and convert to fresh water and a mixture of solids salts and proteins.

Often the produces salt/COD mixture can be offset in other industries.