Responsible Brine Processing


Chemical industry Wastewaters from Chemical industry often contain high loads of salt and organic compounds. These components often are harmful for the environment and are costly to discharge. Water regulations by local governments are growing since the environmental awareness is increasing worldwide. Besides the environmental issues and growing discharge costs, the water scarce worldwide is increasing as the global warming causes extreme dryness in certain regions of the world, which makes the need for treatment of these steams higher than ever.

Typically high concentrated waste streams from Chemical industry are seen as difficult to treat. The Salttech DyVaR technology is suitable for treatment of these types of wastewaters in an effective way. With DyVaR, evaporation and crystallization is able in one system, one step. DyVaR system are flexible for inlet concentration and composition and are extremely energy efficient.

Due to the remote control software our systems require low operator attendance and are easy to operate. Fresh water separated with DyVaR typically has demineralized water quality, which is ideally suited for re-use in process, irrigation purposes or to be used as drinking water. Volume reduction of 90%+ are typically realized and salt/COD can be potentially re-used or offset in other industries.