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Minimizing salinization, improving your business

At Salttech it is our mission to minimize the impact of salinization globally. Groundwater and rivers are becoming more and more salty. Increasing salinity will not just affect freshwater, plants, and animals but also human lives, our infrastructure, agriculture, and ultimately our drinking water.

We minimize the impact of this salinization by converting brine streams into raw materials. Brine streams contain water, salts, and often valuable minerals. By using our innovative Dyvar® technology to separate those elements, our clients can reuse the produced fresh water and mostly we can help our client to improve and valorize the produced salts as fertilizer or as feedstock for other processes. 

Dutch technology, successfully implemented worldwide 

The Dyvar® technology was originally invented by Mr. Geert Jan Zanstra, a leading process engineer and entrepreneur of large-scale evaporation processes. Working closely with Mr. Zanstra, we were able to enhance his original idea and concept of a combined brine concentration and crystallization technology. An extensive number of industrial applications have been tested. The data this generated allowed us to further optimize the technology. This led to our unique and proven Dyvar® technology in a modular and scalable form.

Our technology treats brine in a manner it has not been treated before. It goes beyond traditional technologies. 

Nowadays, Dyvar® technology is applied in different market segments and various industries where other technologies haven’t succeeded. Our specialized team is eager to learn how we can also deploy our Dyvar® technology in markets where our technology is still allowed to do its magic.

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Acquired by the GES Group in 2021

Salttech is part of the DWT Group

In 2010, the Dutch Water Technologies Group (DWT Group) was founded by Reimond Olthof, Antoine Engelaar and Gerard Schouten. A few years later, in 2016, Jan te Lintelo joined as partner and CFO of the group. The DWT Group is focused on developing new technologies with an eye or emphasis on water and life sciences. During the start three companies were established: Salttech, Biotrack and Aqana. 

If you want to know more about the DWT Group please contact us via info@dwtgroup.nl.


Aqana has successfully developed the DACS® technology for the treatment of high COD polluted industrial wastewater. In June 2021, Aqana was acquired by the GES Group. The technology of Aqana and the specific business development knowledge have become the cornerstone of GES’s global growth ambitions. For more information about Aqana, please visit www.aqana.com.


Biotrack has a highly innovative DNA-based pathogen detection technology named BT-MED. Biotrack’s BT-MED detection device and detection services are applied by health and security organizations. For more information, please visit www.biotrack.nl

Leadership team

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Reimond Olthof


Reimond is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Salttech and co-founder of the Dutch Water Technologies (DWT-Group). He has over 25 years of experience in the wastewater treatment industry as project manager and as sales manager for capital intensive industrial projects. As CEO of DWT’s venture in AQANA, Reimond managed the development and introduction of the anaerobic DACS reactor and the rapidly growing company towards its acquisition by GES in 2021 in a motivating, pragmatic and successful way. Since the founding of Salttech Reimond has been a board member and he became the CEO of Salttech in 2021. His drive is to help industries like chemical, food and oil & gas to become more sustainable by applying Salttech’s Dyvar® technology. Reimond holds a BSc degree in process engineering at the Gas and Petroleum Technology Institute Noorderhaaks and holds a Business Administration degree from the Groningen University.   

Team 1000x1000 antoine

Antoine Engelaar


Antoine Engelaar is an experienced senior executive with a hands-on involvement in developing business for innovative technologies. He served in several international management and business development functions all in the field of innovative water technologies and holds several patent- and general publications in the field of wastewater- and brine treatment, water recycling and water production. Antoine is the Chief Technological Officer (CTO) of Salttech and also co-founder and CTO for the Dutch Water Technologies group (DWT-Group). He has over 30 years of experience in the development of sustainable wastewater treatment plants in several industries and he developed new and patented technologies such as the DACS and DANA technologies of AQANA bv. As CTO of DWT’s venture in AQANA, Antoine managed a successful market introduction of this exclusive technology in the food, brewery, paper and chemical industries. Since the founding of Salttech in 2010 Antoine was one of the leading Developers of Salttech’s Dyvar® technology. After a successful Exit of AQANA bv, he became the CTO of Salttech in 2021. Antoine Holds a BSc degree in food & production technology.

Team 1000x1000 jan

Jan te Lintelo


Jan is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Salttech and also partner and Group CFO for the Dutch Water Technologies group (DWT-Group). Previously he was COO for various high-end luxury companies both in the USA and in the UK and worked for companies like KPMG Audit, GE Capital, PwC Corporate Finance, G4S and Richemont. His background includes decades of experience in accounting, finance, operations, legal and tax in various industries. Jan joined DWT in 2016 as a partner and Group CFO. After the successful exit in 2021 of DWT’s venture in AQANA bv, he also became the CFO of Salttech. During his career, Jan has been based in Amsterdam, Hamburg, New York and London. Jan is a Dutch CPA and holds a MSc degree in Accountancy and successfully completed the postgraduate RA programme at the University of Amsterdam in Accounting and Auditing. 

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