Responsible Brine Processing


DyVaR technology is applied to overcome the specific challenges that come with high concentrated salt streams

Many advantageous features and a robust modular design allow DyVaR to be used in remote areas as well as in highly advanced treatment centers.

Industries where DyVaR is applicable are numerous and include: oil and gas, drinking water, IX regeneration and the treatment of RO rejects.


DyVaR is a modular system comprising of compact patented units, the so-called Dynamic Vapour Recovery


DyVaR units consist of nonmetallic components and are modular. Nearly any capacity or desalination rate is possible with DyVaR. DyVaR systems can treat 50 liters/hour (or 7.5 bbl/day) up to 10's of m3/hr (or 1,000's of bbl/day).